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"I've been in sales since I sold my 1st box of Girl Scout Cookies". It's honestly true! As I think back to my career and the wonderful companies I've worked for, including 26+ years with Longaberger, I decided it was time for a change. Don't you find that sometimes it's so key, to go back to that "one Career" that gave you the most satisfaction.... that "one" that defines your personality (especially as my passion is to help others)... that "one" that is FUN! Well, that's why I joined the Next Home Experience "Family".  And these past 4+ years have been been great!    I can't wait to see what the upcoming years will bring. 

So, if you have a house or business, Condo, land or vacation property you'd like to sell or if you are looking to buy your Next Home, new business or that retirement home on the lake or ocean, let me help you.  And as I say ... People BUY a HOME, but SELL a House.  So, Think of us at the Rhombus Realty Group, as we help you from our sites... &

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